Super Los Angeles Comic Con 2019

Another year, another octopus!

This year was a shorter stay for us at the wonderful L.A. Comic Con as we were only able to make it out on Saturday. And boy, was it packed this year! In fact, even in the late morning slash early afternoon, there was a huge line wrapping around outside in the sun — just for entrance!

Speaking of, parking prices finally went up this year (doubled, ouch, probably because of the Kings game next door) and we actually didn’t park in the convenient lots we normally do because of the crowds.

It looks like LACC is poppin’ and will inevitably grow to SDCC sizes. We hope they’re able to manage the hordes. I’m already having SDCC PTSD flashbacks just thinking about it.

Thankfully, inside, it was less of a craze. One thing I do love about LACC is that there is that huge entrance hall where all the cosplayers gather in droves. We found a nice vantage point up above to observe all the fun and chaos down below.

We got through the floor with relative ease, which is always a good thing. As always, there was a lot to see and do. We loved the display areas for photos the most. It’s always fun to see what LA-based talent we see and how LACC changes up their formulae year to year.

Until next year (which will be earlier than this year, which was earlier than last year)!


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