Super Los Angeles Comic Con 2018

After a 2017 hiatus, the Destiny Pizza crew is back on the floor with the people at our favorite con, which goes through a name change every time we are there: Los Angeles Comic-Con!

Maybe we’ll go next year and maybe the name will not change and maybe I’ll remember to take pictures and maybe I’ll dress up. I’m just throwing this out into the universe. As a note, LACC ’19 will not take place Halloween weekend.



A lot of changes as we noticed some of our favorite vendors were not found. After SDCC madness, it’s always nice to enjoy a more laidback atmosphere. On the other hand, we did have to go through a mild bag check line…I think.

My favorite thing to do is scour the exhibit floor, and at LACC, it’s so fun and easy to do. I mean, they did move the Main Stage back to the center, which made things more crowded, but even then, it wasn’t too bad.

Tommy Wiseau was there, but Stan Lee and Elvira weren’t.

I started noticing people holding some stainless steel mugs and discovered Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co., which was not there two years ago. Free refills all day and the option to purchase a stainless steel straw (which I fully support), so that’s awesome. Of course, in retrospect, it was a lot of liquid sugar and when you’re like Mike and don’t eat all day, it’s not the best combo.

Shoutout to Yakult for those helpful probiotic free samples though.



A late start because someone decided to drink too much the night before (it me). Much more crowded than I remember on this day; the parking structure was even overcrowded. I appreciate them not raising their parking prices, though.

We did go to one panel: Playing it out on the Tabletop, in which I garnered some insight into making a tabletop game and how intensive it really is.

In our first official press interview in the history of ever, we got a chance to interview Paul Scanlan of Legion M, the fan-owned entertainment company with projects like Mandy, Bad Samaritan, and Colossal. Pretty cool interview you can check out right here.

We met up with our friends (half of which is half of The NerdMix Podcast) and enjoyed the food trucks (not a fan that it was all in the sun with no shade over the lines or tables (also, longest lines at the con)) and, equally important, met Ciara Renee, at which point I blacked out. Support her project, Reddy Records, and support inclusion and diversity!

We did not get to play D&D because of timing issues, but one day, we will find a professional DM so we can fulfill our questiny of being probably the worst adventuring party.

I did successfully get some coasters from Figment and Fable, so that’s a partial mission accomplished for me.



Recovery day because this month has been rough. Did anyone get a free shirt this year, because I did not find one. I always feel like I miss so much, but I guess that’s how it should be. The cosplay was wonderful, the people were friendly, and we love seeing LA-based talent flourish.

Until next year!

Brian Le

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