Episode 85: Super Banned by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un!

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Superhero News Discussed:
Movies Discussed:

Sinister Six, Suicide Squad

TV Shows Discussed:


Star Wars News Discussed:
Movies Discussed:

Star Wars – The Force Awakens

The Leftovers:
Movies Discussed:

Ghostbusters, Kong: Skull Island, Beetlejuice 2, The Interview, Pyongyang, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Creed, Transformers 5, The Jungle Book, Miami Vice

TV Shows Discussed:

The Goldbergs



This Week:

Secret Celebrity Alias

Next Week:

Favorite Holiday Movie

VideoGames Discussed:

PacMan, Halo: MCC


Game of Thrones, You Don’t Know Jack Party, Far Cry 4

Netflix Recommendations:

Broadchurch, I’ll Be Home For Christmas

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